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2019Tentative Season Schedule:
Early Sept - Mid/End Oct 
Registration for Nibley City recreation Flag Football is available to 1st-6th graders (2019-20 school Year). Also, available to residents of: Millville, Hyrum, Paradise, Wellsville, Mendon, College Ward, & Young Ward
All skill levels are welcome to participate in Nibley Cities youth flag football league.  The focus of this program is to teach participants the value of teamwork, develop leadership, learn the fundamental skills of the game, and enjoy the experience. If you have any questions, interest in coaching, and or interest in other program support opportunities, please contact Nibley City Recreation Coordinator Jennalee: 435-752-0431 or NibleyRec2@nibleycity.com

Registration Options: (deadline Aug 7th) 

  1. Online Registration   |  July 1st- Aug 7th or until full  CLOSED
    1. 1st and 2nd Grade 
    2. 3rd and 4th Grade 
    3. 5th and 6th Grade  NEW League 2019!
  2. Click and print a form below and register at the Nibley City office: 
  3. Fill out registration forms at the Nibley City office 
    • 455 W 3200 S Nibley,UT 

Waiting List < Submit info only if league is full! CLOSED

Printable Flyer: JPG  |  PDF 
Read More...(button below): Program Details/More Information/Tentative Schedule   
Based on the grade your child will be entering this upcoming school year (2019-2020)
1st-2nd grade league
3rd-4th grade league 
5th-6th grade league NEW for 2019!
Registration $35 1st-4th grade players includes:
-Football Jersey
-8 games/scrimages (weather permiting)
-Practices based on coach availability 
-Assuming the # of teams is similar to last year we will play teams that have signed up through this program
*NOTE: Coaches will manage the game/scrimages, and will be trained to make it a fun learning experience.  (NO Referees)
Registration $45 5th-6th grade players includes:
-Football Jersey
-8 games (weather permiting)
-Practices based on coach availability 
-Assuming there are a reasonable # of teams to create our own league, we will play teams that have signed up through this program.  If there are not enough teams for an in house league we will schedule games with other communities with a flag football program.  
*An official will manage the game (ONLY FOR 5TH & 6TH GRADE), and will be trained to help create games that are a fun learning experience. 
Team Formation 1st & 2nd, 3rd & 4th:
-One friend (buddy) request will be honored as much as possible if both individuals request each other (one request/registered player spelling must be exact)
-Coach Requests will be honored as 1st priority if no friend (buddy request), and will be second priority if friend (buddy) request is submitted with registration 
-The formation of an entire team (approx 9-10 players) through friend (buddy), and or coach requests will not be allowed.
Team Formation 5th & 6th grade:
-The coaches will have their own child on their team (max 3/team)
-Siblings can be on the same team
-If their are sufficient #'s for a city outside of Nibley to form their own team (ie. Wellsville/Mendon, Hyrum/Paradise) we will do our best to keep these players together.  If more than one team from a given city is is formed the same team formation procedures outlined will be applied.
-ALL remaining player selection will be made at random by the computer 
*Required Equipment (not provided):
-Athletic shorts or pants with a drawstring and NO POCKETS
-A mouthgard
-Cleats are recomended but not required
*Team equipment including flags, balls, cones, whistle etc. will be issued to the coach 
Games: we anticpate that games will be held at Anhder Park, Elkhorn Park, and possibly Heritage Park 
Practices: will be held at parks throughout Nibley.  This program is open to Wellsville, Hyrum, Paradise, Millville, College Ward, & Young Ward residents too, if there are enough players and coaches to form a Wellsville/Mendon, Hyrum/Paradise, or Millville team while games will likley be held in Nibley these teams may arrange to hold practices in their respective towns.  If the town you live in does not offer a program you are welcome to join us.  However if the town you live in currently offers a flag football program please sign up with them.  (ie Providence Flag Football , Logan Flag Football, North Logan Flag Football, Smithfield Flag Football)   
Game Days and Times: (tentative and subject to change/depends on # of teams signed up & field availablity)
1st-2nd grade league: Tue and Thur evenings 
3rd-4th grade league: Mon and Wed evenings 
5th-6th grade league: TBD (Likely Thur evenings, plan to avoid Tue)
The field markings and rules will be based on the NFL flag program with possible minor field size modifications based on available space.  Similar to the NFL flag program a small team size format with 5 v 5 or similar will be used to maximize play time and player experience with the ball.  Actual rules, team size, and field size for the 5th & 6th grade will follow rules similar to NFL flag as well if we end up with an in house league.  However, if the number of teams we end up with for 5th & 6th grade does not allow for an in house league we will follow rules agreed upon with the cities we end up playing.   
Games/Scrimages & Officiating: since our objective is to offer an affordable developmental program with a football experience where participants can learn the basics in a non-competitive enviornment, games for 1st & 2nd grade & 3rd & 4th Grade will be more of a scrimage format with the coaches officiating and teaching players throughout the scheduled time frame.  For the 5th & 6th grade league an official will be utilized to help manage the game and place the ball.  This official will be trained to teach the game fundamentals while keeping it fun and fair.   
Registration Deadline AUG 7TH or when full: Once registration is closed, names will be placed on a waiting list until August 12th, with placement on a first-come-first-served basis, registration even prior to the deadline does NOT guarantee placement on a team.  However, Nibley City Recreation will make every effort to find a place for your child as long as there are appropriate team #'s and volunteer coaches to support a team.  Any registration processed after the August 7th deadline is subject to a $10.00 late fee if we are able to place them on a team (with the exception of those added to the waiting list prior to August 7th).
Registration Refunds/Cancelation:  Registration is Non-refundable after Aug 23rd, prior to that date any registration canceleation is subject to a $5 processing fee.  The refund processing fee includes participants signing up from towns that are not eligible for this program (ie. Providence, Logan, North Logan, Smitfhfield) since participation in their town will require a registration cancleation/refund so they can sign up with their respective cities. 
Coaches Meeting:
Wed Aug 23rd @ 6:30pm 
Rosters and Team Schedules posted shortly thereafter 
Thank you for your interest in participating please feel free to call Recreation Director Chad Wright if you have any questions 435-752-0431
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Mission Statement

The mission of Nibley City is to make life better for its citizens by fostering community cooperation so residents, businesses, and government work together to develop the City in harmony with its natural environment, historical surroundings, and in accordance with the values and vision of the community as set forth in the General Plan. The City will provide fiscally sound municipal services for a safe, attractive, creative, and viable community.